Sexual Harassment

New Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training Effective 1-1-19 under SB 1343

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The new law is simple: California employers (those with five or more employees) must provide harassment prevention training to all employees. Prior to this new law, California employers had to train just their managers—typically about 25% of the workforce. Under the new law, they need to increase their effort and focus to 100% of the Read More

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HBC Honors February Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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Personal Insurance: David FitzGerald - 5 yrs. Kim Landers - 4 yrs.   Commercial Insurance: Shari MacKaye - 4 yrs. Ileen Anzueto - 11 yrs.   Read More

Important Update: Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

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The important update that you should know about recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses. Employers in states regulated by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are already required to electronically submit certain records of occupational injuries and illnesses. The electronic submission requirements, Read More

Ways to Prevent Habitability Claims

Top Ways to Prevent Habitability Claims

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Take a look at these tips to prevent habitability claims in your commercial insurance. At Hoffman Brown Company, we are well-versed in spotting potential claims in businesses. With our many years of experience, we understand common risks in companies, as well as how to prevent them. Take a look at our top tips on how to prevent habitability Read More


Title Insurance 101

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What you need to know about title insurance. At Hoffman Brown, we frequently are asked questions about Title Insurance. Although this is not a coverage that we offer, we felt it beneficial to share a little insight with you on the ins and outs of this coverage. Title Insurance is designed to protect real estate owners and lenders against loss Read More

Hoffman Brown March Anniversaries

HBC Honors January Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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Commercial Insurance: Dianne Ewing - 7 years   Personal Insurance: Pola Mahboubian - 5 years   Account Executives: Alex Rosenfeld - 3 years   Bridgette Rosson - 2 years   Administrative Team: Jeremy Marshall - 1 year   Read More

The Basics of a Home Inventory

The Basics of a Home Inventory

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Benefits of a home inventory and how to get started. If your home suffered a disaster tomorrow and your belongings were destroyed, would you remember everything you owned off the top of your head? Would you recall the value, make, model, and condition? Most homeowners would struggle. That is why a home inventory is an essential part of protecting Read More

Fire Prevention Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Fire Prevention Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

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Stay safe over the festive period with these fire safety tips. The holidays are filled with festivities, presents, decorations, Christmas trees, holiday candles, and more. Although this is one of the most wonderful times of year, it comes with a high fire risk. All the dry garland, colorful decorations, holiday lights, and candles could result in Read More

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HBC Honors December Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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Commercial Insurance: Lee Chan - 4 years Michelle Ritter - 3 years   Personal Insurance: Marlene Magana - 6 years   Claudia Ortiz - 1 year Read More


HBC Community Blood Drive!

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Give Thanks, Give Blood! Every year the Hoffman Brown Team hosts a community blood drive to donate blood to Cedars-Sinai. Our November 26, 2018 event netted 21 pints! Thank you to all who participated. Read More