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How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Using Smart Home Devices

Protect Your Data When Using Smart Home Tech   We use our smartphones and tablets for everything from banking to sharing photos. Generally, we know how to keep them pretty secure. However, security may not be at the front of our mind when it comes to devices like smart thermostats and home security systems. After all, their purpose is to keep Read More

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Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

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Don’t Fall Victim to an Online Scam   The internet has made it incredibly easy for us to work, shop, and bank online. While we can purchase anything from groceries and gifts, it’s worth being cautious when shopping online. Hackers are becoming smarter as they stay up to date with the latest internet buying trends. To avoid falling victim to an Read More

Congratulations to Alex Rosenfeld and Ryan Surina

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Congratulations to Alex Rosenfeld (right), newly elected President of the Insurance Brokers Association of the San Fernando Valley and to Ryan Surina (left) newly elected Board Member. Your Hoffman Brown Company teammates are very proud of you and appreciate your representation in our local trade association. Read More

OSHA 300A Posting Reminder

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It's that time of year when employers are required to tally the number of entries on their “Log of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses” (OSHA Form 300), and post the “Summary of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses” (OSHA Form 300A) in a prominent location. The OSHA Summary Form 300A is required to be posted in the workplace beginning Feb. 1, Read More

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Stop Using Public USB Ports to Charge Your Phone

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Protect Your Phone by Not Using Public Charging Points   Battery power is something we’re all concerned about. We rely on our smartphones throughout the day for personal and business use, so much so that we often invest in portable chargers or are always on the lookout for a public charging port. However, you might want to reconsider using Read More

Hoffman Brown March Anniversaries

HBC Honors January Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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Read More

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3 Steps to Prepare for an Active Shooter at Your Business

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Active Shooter Preparedness   Active shooters in America are an ongoing threat and their actions lead to tragedy. Your company should be prepared to handle this event and to deal with its aftermath by setting off active shooter protocols and procedures in advance. Businesses and organizations of all kinds should have a plan in place for Read More

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Driving with Pets: Top Safety Tips

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Keeping Your Pets Safe While in the Car   For many animal lovers across the nation, the family pet is just that – part of the family. We all know that we should buckle up when in a vehicle and that young children may need special car seats. But what about animals? The safety of pets is less widely publicized, yet the results can be devastating Read More

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Prevent Package Theft from Porch Pirates

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Deter Thieves From Stealing Your Delivered Parcels   As the holiday looms ahead, many of us are finalizing our gift-giving lists. Online shopping has made life easier for a lot of us and is especially handy during the holidays. However, it’s also created more opportunities for thieves to prey on parcels left on our doorsteps. These “porch Read More

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Insurers Extend Time for 2017 CA Wildfire Victims

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The Latest About the 2017 Wildfire Claims   Since October 2019, twenty-six insurance agencies have agreed to extend the time limits for the 2017 wildfire survivors to access their additional living expense benefits. The companies represent a majority of the total losses from the incredibly destructive and distressing wildfires in 2017 that Read More

COVID-19 Update:

The Coronavirus, officially COVID-19, has become a global health emergency. One of the measures Hoffman Brown Company has taken to keep our CLIENTS and Teammates safe was to design a complete virtual work environment. For the foreseeable future, our colleagues will be conducting business virtually to avoid any disruption in our ability to serve you. These measures are based on the CDC’s guidance and will evolve with the situation. Please know that we are fully functional, available and look forward to being of service.