Assessing Workers’ Compensation Risks

Assessing Workers’ Compensation Risks

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Self-inspection is the key to providing your employees with a proper and safe work environment.

The best way to curtail workers’ compensation risks is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Many unsafe environments are not this way on purpose. This can occur by not knowing your workers and failing to have proper conversations. This seems like a pretty obvious question, but are you having meaningful conversations about the best possible practices to reduce the risk of serious or even minor injury to employees? Here’s a checklist to support the discussion and to help identify potential hazards before they happen to your employees and business.

  • Employees: The employer should have comprehensive, regular training to ensure the employee’s safety. Machine use and maintenance, appropriate clothing, tools, storage, etc.
  • Physical Environment: Inspect floors, walls, ceilings, exits, walkways, stairs, cracks, and everything else that could potentially cause injury. Don’t forget about electricity, heating, and ventilation! These should all be functioning correctly and in compliance with federal and local codes.
  • Evacuation Plan: The employer should institute procedures for emergency evacuation and practice these emergency evacuation plans on a regular basis.
  • Maintain the Plan:  Make sure that everything listed above is maintained and your workplace should be a safe one!

Keeping the workplace safe is essential to the employer and the employee.  Hoffman Brown Company can help you with Workers’ Compensation Insurance and answer questions about this topic.  Contact your Hoffman Brown Team in Sherman Oaks, CA.