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When an Electric Scooter Crashes, Who is Responsible?

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Who is Liable When There’s an Electric Scooter Accident? Electric scooters are a new method of transportation. However, we’ve all seen reports about head injuries, traffic accidents, and even deaths that are a result of electric scooters. Although we hope this isn’t a situation you ever have to face, what happens when there’s an electric scooter Read More

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Should Every Person Be Listed on My Auto Insurance Policy?

Who Should Be Listed on Your Car Insurance Policy? Your auto insurance is determined, partly, by the drivers listed on your policy. When you are filling out an application for auto insurance, you will be given the option of choosing to add more drivers. But who exactly should be listed on your policy? Generally speaking, everyone living in Read More

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How Students Can Save Money on Auto Insurance

Ways Students Lower Their Car Insurance Costs  Between textbooks and tuition fees, it’s likely that any student funds you have are quickly depleted each year. When you look at what you’re left with, you may find that there is little left for auto insurance. Fortunately, car coverage doesn’t have to cost the earth and you don’t have to turn to the Read More

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Need to Know: Malfunctioning Airbag Investigations

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Does Your Car Have Airbags That Won’t Inflate? No matter how safe you can drive, accidents happen. When they do happen, you want to have peace of mind that airbags will inflate before a collision impact. Currently, investigators have found that air bags may not inflate in vehicles made by Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Fiat Chrysler Read More

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How to Determine If Your Aging Loved One Should Stop Driving

Warning signs your senior should give up driving. Driving is a sensitive subject for seniors. Driving is a key aspect of maintaining our independence as we age. But it’s entirely normal for our abilities to dwindle as we get older. Whether you have an elderly loved one or aging parent, it’s natural to see signs that they should give up the keys to Read More

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How Long Will a Ticket Stay on My Driving Record?

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Understand how long points stay on your license in California.   Sometimes, drivers take chances without knowing the consequences of their actions. While traveling on the roadways, violations can occur without notice. Even one simple mistake can impact your driving record for many years to come. Our driving history controls our ability to obtain Read More

What You Should Know About Recall Basics

What You Should Know About Recall Basics

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What you should know about automobile recalls. Almost anything you can buy in today’s society, from cars to food to paint, can be recalled. When a vehicle gets recalled, it’s the manufacturer’s way of saying that there could be something about the make and model of that vehicle that presents a risk of injury or property damage. Even if your Read More

Top Cities with the Worst Drivers in 2018

Top Cities with the Worst Drivers in 2018

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Here’s Where to Find America’s Worst Drivers  Is your city known for bad driving? We’re not just talking about running yellow lights or forgetting to signal before merging, we’re talking about bad driving with dangerous consequences. Every year, Allstate gathers data about the U.S.’s 200 largest cities and their surrounding suburban metropolitan Read More

Traffic Accident Scams

Important Notice: Traffic Accident Scams

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Be aware of traffic accident scams in the local area.   In June 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sent notices out reporting that they believed there was a crew of scam artists targeting drivers throughout Brentwood, West LA, if not the entire city. This is what they found: “an unsuspecting driver leaves a parking lot after Read More

Tips for Buying a Safe Car

Tips for Buying a Safe Car

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Safety considerations to know before buying a new car.   If you’re shopping for a new car, then it’s likely that you’ll want to purchase a safe and reliable vehicle. Certain cars are safer than others and can do a better job at protecting your family and passengers in an incident. But before you start looking at vehicles that you like, be sure Read More