3 Reasons Why You Need Cruise Travel Insurance

3 Reasons Why You Need Cruise Travel Insurance

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Don’t set sail without the proper cruise travel insurance in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Foreign viruses, hurricanes/cyclones, theft and more. All of these are potential threats that you meet once you step inside a cruise ship. All can ruin your entire vacation before you have time to even react. That’s why it’s so important to protect your trip with cruise insurance. Amateur cruise travelers may see this as another expense, but experienced travelers know that travel insurance is essential to protect their investment. Here are three reasons why you should purchase cruise travel insurance for your next cruise trip.

  1. Protects against last-minute cancellations.

Do you think your cruise line will understand if you have to cancel your trip because of a family emergency? Don’t count on it. Cruise companies want to show they booked all of their rooms, so refunds are about as rare as spotting Ahab’s whale at sea. With cruise insurance, acceptable reasons for cancellations are much broader and your refund is almost guaranteed.

  1. Illness may make you more than seasick

Cruise ships are like a Petri dish. It may be gross, but it’s true. People from all over the country, and the world, share an enclosed space. Foreign viruses which your body has never been exposed to may cut your vacation short as you become severely ill. Cruise insurance will cover any transportation you need to get you back to land and refund you up to 150 percent.

  1. Tropical storms may not have taken your vacation into consideration

Hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons are all names for the same thing: a tropical storm. The only difference being the location of their formation. Sometimes these tropical storms will forget that you had a cruise and ruin your vacation. Without cruise insurance, you could see no or little refund.

Being insured during your travels is important, especially when you’re about to set sail on the cruise. We’ve been around since 1961, so if you have any more questions regarding cruise travel insurance or any other kind of insurance, contact your Hoffman Brown Team in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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