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3 Staycation Ideas for Families

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Since most of us are vacationing in the country this year, many families will choose to stay at home throughout the summer. However, having a staycation doesn’t need to be as dull as it may sound. There are plenty of ways to bond with the kids and enjoy your summer at home.


Fun Family Staycation Ideas


  1. Be a tourist in your own city

Explore options in your town or places that are a quick drive away. Perhaps you’ve driven past monuments and parks many times but have never explored them. Take this time to research your local city and see the beauty in it that tourists see.


  1. Camp in your own backyard

Pitch the tent, grab sleeping bags, and enjoy a night in the great outdoors. Camping in your backyard not only teaches your children how to camp safely, but it is incredibly fun to decorate the tent with the kids, tell scary ghost stories, and sleep under the stars.


  1. Get crafty

From sewing to painting, there are plenty of ways to fill the days with fun crafts throughout the summer. Choose a different theme or style of craft each day and allow each family member to get creative and express themselves through art. You may be surprised how well these pieces turn out. You can even host a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood for the kids, using art materials as the prize to encourage your children to get creative.


Staycationing at home this summer is a great way to stay safe and support your local community. For peace of mind that your home and assets are protected throughout the summer and beyond, contact the Hoffman Brown Company.