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3 Steps to Prepare for an Active Shooter at Your Business

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Active Shooter Preparedness


Active shooters in America are an ongoing threat and their actions lead to tragedy. Your company should be prepared to handle this event and to deal with its aftermath by setting off active shooter protocols and procedures in advance. Businesses and organizations of all kinds should have a plan in place for managing this type of crisis because workplace violence puts the safety of residents and employees at risk.



The biggest active shooter threat to businesses are disgruntled employees and customers. When hiring, always conduct criminal background verifications and investigations. Foster open communication and a healthy working environment to assist in defusing situations before they escalate. If you need to let a member of staff go, do so without prejudice or insulting behavior. Additionally, treat customers with consideration. Review and improve access control procedures and physical security around the building.



Your business must have an emergency action plan that outlines procedures for staff and employees to follow. The plan must include recurring training and education on how to diffuse difficult situations. Make sure to include all employees in the program along with a committee dedicated to evaluating and managing threats and other response planning procedures.



Understanding what motivates a shooter to attack a business is helpful but knowing how to react properly can mean the difference between life and death. If it’s safe to do so, assess the situation. Decide whether it’s safer to leave the area or take cover. Whatever you choose, the next step is to call 911 and sound the alarm per your organization’s emergency action plan.


Shootings are a very real and very possible threat. Make sure you keep your business and employees safe by regularly assessing how best to stay one step ahead.


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COVID-19 Update:

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