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5 Most Important Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

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Inexperienced people handling electricity can be very dangerous. That’s why you must practice caution when working on home projects involving wiring, which is best handled by an experienced electrician.

Electrical Safety Rules

Your home’s electrical system must function properly for your appliances to work. Electricity moves through conductors such as metals and water, whereas it’s contained by insulators such as rubber. Here are ways to reduce expensive repairs while maintaining a safe electrical environment.

1. Regular Maintenance is Vital

Regular maintenance of the electrical systems in your home is important. One of the things you can do to prevent equipment damage is to periodically clean electrical panels by removing dust and dirt. The panels should also always be dry and free from excessive heat. You should routinely inspect panels for corrosion and loose wires.

2. Replace Frayed and Damaged Wires

Electrical wiring gets old and dangerous after many years. If the outer insulation material is worn, it can cause exposed wires to generate sparks, resulting in a house fire. Just one small section of bare wire can be a fire hazard. When replacing old wiring, it’s best to hire a certified electrician trained to install wiring safely according to industry standards.

3. Ensure Safety of Kids and Pets

According to the National Fire Protection Association, thousands of children suffer from shocks and burns every year while playing with electrical outlets. Pets can also get injured by chewing on wires. It’s helpful to identify your home’s electrical outlets and ensure they are not accessible to kids and pets. Placing plastic covers over unused outlets is an effective solution.

4. Avoid Overloading the Outlets

A typical home electrical outlet can handle 15 to 20 amps of power, but if the appliances using the outlet exceed its limit, it can overload your system, even when using surge protectors. Overloading of outlets is the most common cause of electrical fires in homes. So, avoid plugging multiple high voltage devices into the same outlet or power strip.

5. Hire a Professional Electrician

Perhaps the most important tip is to let an experienced electrician handle all electrical jobs. Besides having the requisite training and skill, a qualified electrician is equipped with proper safety gear and follows building codes, thus minimizing risk.

Electrical Safety & Your Homeowner Insurance Policy

Practicing electrical safety is part of being a homeowner, yet over $1 billion of property damage is caused yearly by electrical problems. One way to protect your finances is to purchase the right homeowners insurance policy. It will make recovering from the damage caused by an accidental fire much easier.

Every homeowner has a responsibility to make their home safe. Contact us at Hoffman Brown Company for more information on home insurance in CA.