5 Ways to Triumph Over Spring Allergies

5 Ways to Triumph Over Spring Allergies

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How to beat spring allergies to make your days feel a lot more normal.

Spring time means allergy time for most of us every year. Eyes becoming swollen and itchy. Noses becoming runny and throats get sore.   Sneezing and coughing is surely a bother to you, but this can also annoy your family and friends.  In many parts of the country, allergies start as early as February and can last until the end of the summer. Learn how you can beat pesky allergies and make the most out of your spring and summer!

  • Take Your Allergy Meds

Antihistamines block your body’s response to allergies.  There are many over the counter remedies, consult your local pharmacy or health food store.  Please be sure to read the label or call your doctor before taking any medications.

  • Limit Your Outdoor Time

Trees release hundreds of billions of tiny pollen grains into the air. When you breathe them in through your nose and into your lungs, they may trigger an allergic reaction. Staying inside definitely helps reduce your risk of exposure to the elements—especially in the mornings, when pollen counts are at peak levels.

  • Tweak your home

Shut all windows to keep pollen out, and use the air conditioning to cool your home instead of a fan. A fan draws air in from the outside along with pollen & dust.  Take your shoes off at the door as this keeps the allergens as far away from you as possible. A quality air filter traps a high level of microscopic particles in the air!

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