Are You Protected Against Flooding in Underground Parking Structures?

Are You Protected Against Flooding in Underground Parking Structures?

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If you have comprehensive coverage with your auto insurance, you’re covered during flooding in underground parking structures.

Parking your car underground is a great way to eliminate certain hazards. Tucked in an underground parking structure, your vehicle is more difficult for thieves to access and is protected against above-ground hazards like falling tree limbs or hail damage.

There is a risk your car’s more likely to face underground, though, and you might not think about it until the rain starts falling. If you’re parking your vehicle in an underground structure, you need to consider if your auto insurance will protect it against flooding.

Will your coverage be sufficient? It depends. To be protected against this kind of risk, you need comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage protects your vehicle against theft, vandalism, and storm damage – including rising water.

People might drop comprehensive coverage on their vehicle once it’s paid off. After all, once you own your car in full theft won’t be as devastating. The issue with dropping this type of protection is that you would not be protected against flooding. Even if you’re no longer worried about some of the hazards comprehensive coverage mitigates, it’s a good idea to maintain this coverage to protect your vehicle and your bottom line.

Comprehensive coverage could also protect your vehicle against flood damage if you’re parked on the street.

Flooding in a parking garage is a hazard you may not have thought about facing. That’s where we come in! Hoffman Brown Company has been serving California drivers since 1961, so we’re aware of all of the risks you face – even the more surprising, hidden ones. To fully protect yourself and your vehicle on an off the road, contact us for all of your auto insurance needs in Sherman Oaks and the surrounding area.