End Distracted Driving, End Majority Of Teen Accidents

End Distracted Driving, End Majority Of Teen Accidents

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New Study Shows Distraction Is Major Cause Of Crashes

We have all done it. You are trying to change your music while driving, and take your eyes off the road to find the right song. You glance up a moment later, only to find you are about to careen into another vehicle. You slam on your brakes, screeching to a stop just in the nick of time! You got away lucky, but that is not the case much of the time.

New studies are revealing that distracted driving is a leading cause of major accidents, especially among teens. In cases of car crashes caused by teenaged drivers, 58 percent were caused by distractions while behind the wheel.

To learn this, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety examined videos from 1,700 crashes. They discovered that nearly six out of every ten crashes involving a driver between the ages of 16 and 19 were due to distracted driving.

The leading distractor was interacting with other passengers, which caused 14.87 percent of the studied crashes. Cell phone use came in a close second, resulting in 11.91 percent of the accidents. The next few top distractors were an object inside the car (10.55 percent), outside vehicle distraction (9.0 percent), and singing/dancing (7.70 percent).

Ultimately, this study reveals that the majority of teen crashes could be avoided by putting an end to distracted driving. Parents should prioritize helping their teen drivers stay focused on the road, and be careful not to exhibit distracted driving tendencies themselves.

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