Avoid Dog Bites with These Tips to Prevent Canine Related Accidents

Avoid Dog Bites with These Tips to Prevent Canine Related Accidents

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Find out more about how to reduce your risk for dog bites.

As a dog owner, you love your pet. They are a member of your family and therefore how could they be dangerous?  However, even the gentlest of dogs bite. California has the greatest number of dog bites in the country. In 2016, over $76 million dollars were paid out in dog bite related insurance claims. Not only are dog bites expensive, but they’re stressful for you and your pet. Take steps to reduce your risk for an accident with these dog bite prevention tips.

Socialize Your Pup.

Often dogs are afraid of new situations with new people and new pets. Help to lessen those fears by teaching them to socialize. Introduce your dog into new situations slowly, and teach them to pay attention to you. When you’re calm, your dog will be calm too.

Teach Them Young.

It’s important to teach your dog that it’s not okay to bite. Teach them early on so that they can learn as a puppy that biting is not allowed, even playfully. When your dog starts to bite, it’s important that you curb the behavior.

Know Your Dog.

When in new situations it’s important that you pay close attention to your dog and its behavior. Know what your dog likes and dislikes as well as how it tends to respond to certain situations. That way you’re better able to avoid any situations that could lead your dog to become agitated. The better you know your dog and how it responds the better able you are to keep all parties safe.

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