Avoiding Fraud While You Travel

Foreign and Domestic Travel

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Winter Holidays and Summertime are the peak time for all travelers. Protect yourself from fraud while you travel both internationally and domestically.

Summer is upon us and Winter is just around the corner!!  Whether you are going to visit a foreign country or traveling here in the USA it is important to keep your credit and debit cards safe from fraud.   Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Review the contents of your wallet: Limit the number of credit and debit cards taken with you on vacation.  There is no need to bring all of them.
  2. Make copies of your cards: Make sure to copy the front and back of each card that you intend on bringing. You want to make sure that the account number and the customer service number are legible.  Keep this copy in a place other than your wallet.  This comes in handy if you need to call the bank to report a missing card.
  3. Call your bank before you leave: This is to make sure that your credit card won’t be canceled or frozen while you’re on vacation. As an example, if you live in California and your bank see charges coming from Europe or New York, the bank’s fraud alert team may freeze your account.  This is a great service provided by the bank but it can be a problem if you are away and trying to use your card.
  4. Carefully review all of your bank statements immediately upon your return:  The sooner, the better.  Look for unfamiliar charges and advise the bank immediately.
  5. Keep track of your expenses while away, this will help with the bank statement review.

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