Termite Damage to Home

Can Insurance Cover Damage From Vermin?

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Review your insurance to determine if you’re protected against critter damage.  

Wherever you are in the country, critters can be an issue for homeowners. Whether it’s rodents, vermin, insects, or wildlife, an infestation can quickly get out of hand.  Do you know if your homeowner insurance will cover the damage caused by vermin?  Contact your insurance agent and ask them to assist with reading the proper section in your policy that addresses this cause of loss. 

Here is a scenario:  Termites have eaten into the wood frame of your home’s windows. The repair involves fumigation and new window frames.  

Homeowner insurance excludes this type of loss.   Policies exclude damage that is caused by insects and animals. Be smart about your pest control, and have your property inspected annually – and don’t forget the garage.  

Hoffman Brown Company specializes in Homeowners Insurance, talk to the team, they are happy to assist with a policy review.