Cars & Identity Theft: A 21st Century Problem

Cars & Identity Theft: A 21st Century Problem

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How your car could open you up to identity theft in the coming years.

In the next five years, two out of five new vehicles sold around the globe will give their drivers the ability to make purchases from the driver’s seat. Ford has already implemented a feature that lets drivers order Domino’s Pizza, and some GM vehicles give you the capability to book a hotel room through your voice commands.

While these features could make your life easier, they also could significantly increase your risk for identity theft. As vehicles become increasingly connected to the internet, they become increasingly connected to your personal information as well. Ideally, the developers of these technologies would be putting stringent safeguards in place to protect your name, home address, and credit card information, but recent incidents have shown this might not necessarily be the case.

This summer, hackers used Jeep Cherokee’s “infotainment” system to take over the vehicle, controlling both its transmission and engine.  An OnStar system was also breached, resulting in the hackers’ ability to unlock a Chevy Volt and start the engine.

The more we utilize our cars to navigate and shop for us, the more a security breach could expose us. In the 21st century, we need to start thinking about how we will protect the cyber liability risk our vehicles bring.

Clearly, in the next few years your auto insurance may not be the only consideration for your car. If you’re curious about how you can secure identity theft protection insurance to stay ahead of this risk,  contact Hoffman Brown Company. We’ve been protecting people in Sherman Oaks and the neighboring California cities since 1961, and have stayed in business because we always keep ahead of the curve. We can bring you with us; call us today!