4 Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Cyber Vulnerabilities

4 Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Cyber Vulnerabilities

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Recent hackings and mass data breaches are unfortunately becoming a very common aspect of today’s business world. If you own a small business, it is imperative that you put sound preventative measures in place to safeguard your assets. Despite common neglect, small businesses are even more susceptible to data breaches and cyber attacks than standard sized businesses. We want your business assets to remain secure, which is why we have gathered these 4 helpful tips for small businesses to reduce cyber vulnerabilities:

  1. Do you handle your own payment processing? We suggest outsourcing your payment processing because these types of companies have a team of security professionals who are more experienced in safeguarding your sensitive data.
  2. As social media presence becomes a vital aspect of owning a business, it is important that you are careful with social media activity. We suggest using a different device rather than the one you use to make payments with. The last thing you want is for your social media status update to compromise your finances.
  3. NEVER reuse passwords. It is important that you come up with unique passwords that no criminal will be able to guess. These passwords should have no ties to your company name or the name of the owner. Likewise, these passwords should incorporate symbols, letters, and numbers to ensure optimal security.
  4. Most importantly, we recommend having a security professional review your business operations and security measures so that they can identify any potential areas of risk and help you safeguard your business to the fullest. They may advise you to take on more secure training procedures or purchase a security system for your browsers.

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