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Do You Have a Drone? Coverage May Be Necessary

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Drone owners may need to have insurance coverage.   

Over the past couple of years, drones have really taken off. For filmmakers, surveyors, agricultural industries, wildlife monitors, and even kids, the world of drones has opened new possibilities. Drones can help us look at fires, wildlife and even help in searching for missing persons.  Often drone owners are not aware that insurance coverage might be needed.  

If you use a drone for business purposes you should check with an insurance agent or with the company you are working for about insurance requirements.  Here are some industries that use drones:  

  • Aerial Filming, Videography, Movie Production 
  • Construction 
  • Real Estate Inspectors 
  • Agricultural/Crop Dusting 
  • Flood Mapping 
  • Sporting Events  

Your insurance agent will discuss the various insurance coverages that might be needed for the business use of a drone.  They will ask questions and evaluate the risk, provide information and the cost of the insurance. 

 If you use your drone for personal enjoyment and it causes an accident, will your homeowner’s policy cover the damage?  Contact your insurance agent and review your homeowners, auto and umbrella policies.  

Your team at Hoffman Brown Company is available to assist you with both business and personal insurance.