Do You Have A Family Escape Plan?

Do You Have A Family Escape Plan?

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A few things to consider when creating a family escape plan.

You have probably at least considered how you would respond to a house fire. In your best fantasies, you’re strong, calm, and collected, gathering up your family and getting everyone to safety before any injuries can be sustained. In your worst nightmares, things look very differently.

How do you make sure you take the better path? By preparing in advance. With a little forethought and a family escape plan, properly responding to a fire becomes much easier. Here is a quick guide to planning your escape.

  • Write It Out: Create a sketch of your house’s floor plan, marking doors, windows, and stairways. On the sketch, mark the best escape route from each room in a bright color. Create a copy for each family member, and review it together regularly.
  • Have A Back Up Plan: Your family should have at least two options for getting out of every room in your home. Similarly, you should have at least two routes out of town in case the fire blocks one. If you’re stumped for an alternate route, contact your local fire department for guidance.
  • Mark A Meeting Place:  There is always the possibility that in your haste to get everyone out during a fire in your neighborhood, you could get separated. Make sure each family member has a buddy to stick with, and name a meeting point where you all can gather once things calm down.

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