Don’t Leave Your Valuables Exposed in a Security Bin

Don’t Leave Your Valuables Exposed in a Security Bin

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Keep your personal belongings safe as you move through airport security.  

The most stressful part of traveling isn’t getting to the airport on time or checking in your luggage, it’s going through security. Airport security can be a hassle, even with TSA PreCheck (although that does help somewhat). Even though you may be preoccupied with just getting through security and making it to your gate, it’s important to remember to keep your personal belongings safe.

In the process of putting your valuable belongings and electronics in a security bin and meeting them the other side of the scanner, you’re exposing your valuables to a risk of theft. That is why you should always wait to see your belongings go into the machine before making your way to the metal detectors. It is also a good idea to never place loose money or exposed cash in a security bin. You never know who behind you may see the cash and decide to take it just before it passes through the scanner.

To protect your belongings, always keep valuables out of sight and watch your belongings enter the scanner. Another great way to safeguard your possessions is to secure the right insurance. The team at Hoffman Brown Company can help. For assistance with insurance policy reviews and recommendations, contact us today.