What Essentials to Keep in the Car

Essential Items to Keep in the Car

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Stock up your car’s emergency kit with these supplies.

Now that spring is here, many of us are making summer road trip plans. With road trips and summer events right around the corner, it’s a good idea to make sure your car is well-equipped beforehand. An emergency car kit can be a great tool when you’re stranded, and you’ll always be glad you took the time to put one together.

First aid kit – Having a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times helps with minor injuries that can occur from an accident, changing a tire, or inspecting the engine under the hood.

Jumper cables or a compact battery jumper pack – We’ve all heard that heart-sinking noise when our battery ticks over and the car won’t start. If someone does offer to help you, it’s better for you to have jumper cables handy than to find out that they don’t have any cables either. A company battery jump starter is even better as you won’t need to find a good Samaritan.

Small tool kit – Most vehicle manufacturers provide a small, rudimentary tool kit. It’s usually just enough to change a tire, and maybe it includes a screwdriver. To be better prepared, get yourself a basic automotive tool kit. They are relatively inexpensive and can really help out in a pinch.

Flashlight and batteries – Beyond using them to see in the dark, flashlights allow you to be seen if it’s dark out and you’re by the roadside, or to signal for help from passing cars. Be sure to keep an extra set of fresh batteries on hand, too.

Blankets, warm clothes, water, snacks – You never know when you’re going to get stranded. It’s worth keeping warm clothing, drinking water, and non-perishable food in your trunk in case you get cold, hungry, or thirsty while waiting for roadside assistance. Water can also be used to cool down your car’s radiator or clean off your hands when they’re dirty from looking under the hood.

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