Fight Back Against Cyberbullying

Fight Back Against Cyberbullying

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Let’s help each other to prevent, report, and recover from online harassment and cyberbullying. 

In the past, bullies would corner people, write nasty notes, make prank phone calls or physically fight. In today’s world of social media, bullies are known as cyberbullies, internet trolls or hackers and their actions cause psychological harm and property damage.  These modern day bullies can invade anyone’s personal or work space by using the internet, a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. They can send embarrassing texts and emails.  They can post pictures, rumors and reveal secrets and they can steal your identity. The personal and financial implications are endless.  The bullying robs us of our reputation, peace-of-mind and personal security.

Prevent Cyberbullying 

In the digital age, many of us can find ourselves lost in all of the technology, which changes rapidly.  Here are some ideas to fight cyberbullying:

  • Parents can limit access to their children’s use of social media by making their accounts private and by regularly monitoring their activity and use.
  • Only accept “friend requests” from people you know.
  • Be aware of phony websites, solicitations of any kind, or requests for private information.
  • Communicate with each other about the dangers of cyberbullying and attacks. Encourage all of your family members to report the bullying and ask them not to hide the information.

Reporting & Helping Those Affected

If you learn about any family member of friend being cyberbullied, you may have a responsibility to report this information. You can report the cyberbully to the social media company, you can report a bully to school officials or law enforcement, especially if there are any threats of violence, hate crimes, stalking, breaches of privacy, or if you fear for your safety.

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