Fire Season is Coming to Southern California

Fire Season is Coming to Southern California

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As the season changes across the northern hemisphere, a danger lurks in Southern California: seasonal fires. 

The winds from Santa Ana generally begin to develop in October. These dry winds are caused by the high pressures that are developed in the desert, including the Great Basin, and the lower pressures coming from the coast. The difference in pressure forces the high pressure to flow into the low-pressure areas that create the dry and blistering winds from the northeast. This dry air offers the perfect amount of oxygen for the perfect fire. The dry flora native to Southern California provides the ideal fuel for these wildfires. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for the fire season in Southern California.

If the wildfire is imminent. . .

  • Listen to local news station. Local news stations will keep you updated on the latest wildfire news and will let you know if you need to evacuate or not.
  • Evacuate. If you need to evacuate don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Follow evacuation orders. You need to know which roads to take and which ones to avoid.

If you have advance notice of the fire. . .

  • Turn on the lights in each room of your home. This increases the visibility of your home in heavy smoke.
  • Close the windows, vents, blinds, fireplaces, and doors. This will deter the smoke from entering your home which could prove to be fatal even before the fire reaches your home.
  • Remove all of the curtains and wall decorations that are not fire-proof.
  • Shut off your propane tank or natural gas at the meter.
  • Move all flammable furniture to the center of your home. The center of your home will be the last to be engulfed by the flames, so moving these items to the center gives them the best chance at survival.

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