How to Build a Wine Cellar

How to Build a Wine Cellar

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Having sufficient storage for your wine collection is important to properly store wine. Many wine collectors purchase wine long before they have a proper and adequate cellar. An authentic wine cellar is a large project that requires much planning and time. From a logistic standpoint, keeping your wine in a cellar at home can provide you the easiest access and consumption. But there is one drawback…

You may have heard the stories of people who only drink a certain brand of wine, and purchase crates full of them. They’re typically delivered and stacked in the basement, making it nearly impossible to walk through. This drawback can easily be fixed with a little responsibility, organization, and planning.

The cost of building a slightly larger wine cellar is typically less costly and less aggravating than knocking down walls and constructing space in the future. While rack space is usually priced by the bottle, room preparation that includes proper insulation and cooling equipment becomes proportionally less expensive and increased size.

When planning your wine cellar, think of your collecting habits and tastes: are you a champagne person? Large bottles? Splits? You may run into trouble if you do not factor in bottle shape and design. Flexible design, with bins and racks that can accommodate a range of bottle types and sizes, generally works best.

Fortified wines are best to be stored standing. Table wine is stored horizontally so that the wine stays in contact with the cork. If you store your wine with the labels up, it will be easier to find and to see the deposit of sediment when it is time to be opened.

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