The Homeowner's Guide to the Personal Articles “Floater” Insurance Policy

The Homeowner’s Guide to the Personal Articles “Floater” Insurance Policy

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How the Personal Articles Insurance Policy Can Protect You

You trust your home. It protects you and your family against the elements, provides a safe space for growing and learning to take place, and has probably served as the backdrop for many of your favorite memories. Because your home is such a sacred place, you likely store your valuables in it, too.

Your existing homeowners insurance may not be enough to cover your valuables. To protect them, you need a Personal Articles Insurance Policy also known as a Floater Policy.

Your homeowners insurance policy probably contains a limited amount of coverage for items that are portable because they are easier to steal. While this is not a big deal with personal property like your clothes or your books, you could find yourself without the full reimbursement you need if some of your valuables get stolen. A few items that commonly need more coverage than standard homeowners insurance can offer are jewelry, electronics, art, and antiques.

Does that mean you need to go out and get a whole separate policy for each valuable you own? No! Fortunately, you may be able to get the coverage you need by having the “floater” added on to your existing homeowners insurance policy.  If for some reason your existing homeowners carrier is unable to add this coverage on to the existing policy a  separate “floater” policy can be purchased and is generally very affordable.

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