Golf Carts and Streets

How To Insure Your Golf Cart

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Golf carts are very popular amongst the elderly in retirement communities, but how does insurance work with these unique vehicles?

Retirement communities from California to Florida allow their senior citizens to ride around in golf carts, and it has become a way of life. They are energy-efficient, cheaper to maintain and buy, and fun to drive. For many seniors, it is an easy way to get from doctor’s appointments and swim classes to restaurants and shopping malls. But as fun and convenient as these cars are, the question that all insurance companies have is: what are the risks? When it comes to driving golf carts on the streets, are you safe and should you drive them?

Each state has its own way of dealing with golf carts. Not only are they driven by seniors, but there are many campuses that allow their students to drive them and resorts that allow their guests to enjoy them too. An article released in the Harvard Business Review suggested that golf carts and small vehicles like them represent a real potential growth in the global electric vehicle market.

Personal golf carts have a top speed of 20 mph, meaning they do not have to meet any federal safety standards like being equipped with seatbelts, windshields, mirrors, and turn signals.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports that they are a danger due to their size. An SUV can easily weigh three or four times as much and it puts the driver–especially seniors–in serious risk. But golf cart manufacturers say that a majority of accidents occur because the drivers are negligent.

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