Check Out These Grilling Safety Tips to Help You Barbecue Safely All Summer Long

Check Out These Grilling Safety Tips to Help You Barbecue Safely All Summer Long

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Barbecue safely all summer long with these safety tips.

Summertime is the perfect time to barbecue. The weather is warm, days are longer, and grilled foods are the perfect fare for all of your seasonal entertaining. However, when using the barbecue, it’s important that you use caution. From house fires to burns, grilling accounts for over 7,000 injuries annually. Take care to use your barbecue safely. Brush up on your grilling safety with these tips.

  • Create a Safety Perimeter. Your grill is highly flammable. Keep it as far away from your home as possible. Ideally, your grill should be at least 10 feet from your home. Additionally, any trees or patio furniture should be kept a safe distance away from your barbecue.
  • Clean the Grill. Before using your grill, it’s important that it’s clean. When cooking, grease and fat buildup on the grill which increases the risk for a fire. Cleaning helps to reduce your risk for an accident.
  • Check for Leaks. When using a gas barbecue, it’s important that you check for any gas leaks. Using dish soap and water create a solution to rub on the gas hose and connection. When you turn on the gas, if there are any bubbles, you have a leak and it needs to be fixed. If you’re bubble-free proceed to grill.
  • Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy. Barbecuing is dangerous. Help to manage your risk for a fire by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby. Be sure that you know how to use it, before you need it.  By knowing how to use it in advance of an accident you are better prepared to put out a fire if one should happen.  However, anytime a fire breaks out, call the fire department and get to safety as soon as possible.

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