Protect Your Employees from Falls with These Guardrail Guidelines

Protect Your Employees from Falls with These Guardrail Guidelines

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Check out these guardrail guidelines to protect your employees from fall risks.

As a contractor, it’s important to ensure that your construction site is as safe as possible for your workers.  See the information below regarding the use of Guardrails.

Established regulations issued under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the International Building Code (IBC) outline what is necessary to keep your employees safe. Here are a few necessary guardrail guidelines.

Knowing When Guardrails Are Required:

Guardrails are not required for every construction project. However, it’s important to be able to determine when they must be used. Generally, guardrails are required when there’s height involved in a project. From steps to platforms to roof access to landings, if there’s a difference of 30 inches or more in between two surfaces, then a guardrail is needed. Additionally, if the workspace is more than 6 feet high, then a guardrail is necessary. The same is true of underground systems. Should there be a difference of 6 feet between the ground and the work surface of an underground project, railing systems are needed.

Using Railing Properly:

Not only must you install a railing, but you must install it properly to not only protect your worker’s safety but to protect your company from any legal issues if the railing system failed. Start by determining responsibility for installation. Should it be the contractor or the building owner?  When installing guardrails, these rails must be at least 42 inches above the ground level space so they can adequately prevent an accident. When it comes to roofing, it’s important that some sort of fall prevention is in place. If you’re unable to install guardrails, consult with alternative options recommended by OSHA.

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