Safety Tips To Protect Your Halloween

Safety Tips To Protect Your Halloween

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Have a happy Halloween by using these safety tips!

It seems like we just got the kids settled into the new school year, and yet Halloween is fast approaching.  You’re probably already focusing energy on carving pumpkins, picking out costumes for the kids (and yourself), and enjoying all of the delicious treats this time of year brings our way.

We want to help you protect all of these festivities, so here are a few Halloween safety tips to ensure your holiday’s a trick-free treat!

  • Choose costumes that are flame retardant. Your kids are likely to be near a handful of open flames as they trick or treat past lit jack o’lanterns, so it’s a good idea to make sure a trailing cape doesn’t catch fire! Also, use face paint instead of masks to give your kids a clear line of vision, and try to stay away from shoes and bottoms that are oversized since they can create tripping hazards.
  • Make a game of crossing the street only at intersections and avoiding back alleys or other unlit walkways.
  • Bring some candy with you for your kids to eat as they trick or treat. Encourage them not to dip into their spoils since you’ve got other candy to offer! Then, when you get home, lay everything out and have your kids show-off each piece. It will be fun for them, and you can mentally mark any you don’t want your kids to eat.
  • So people who trick or treat at your home won’t have to worry about getting tricked, make sure your home’s exterior is well lit and only give out pre-wrapped treats.

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