CPR & First Aid Class

Hoffman Brown Company Hosts CPR & First Aid Class

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In Hoffman Brown Company’s continued desire to protect the welfare of our community, Steve Brown and the HBC Team participated in a vitally important four-hour course on CPR, First Aid and the use of a Defibrillator.  The class took place on 4/8/17 at the offices of Hoffman Brown Company, in Sherman Oaks, CA.  All attendees became certified in CPR.  They were also instructed in First Aid and witnessed the use of a Defibrillator, on a manakin, of course.  The class was taught by Mitch McKnight, Los Angeles Fire Fighter who specializes in Disaster Preparedness and Liliana Torrelio, certified CPR instructor of CPR Center Plus. Mitch and Liliana made the class fun, energetic and extremely informative.  They are true professionals that bring real life experience and a deep knowledge base on these lifesaving procedures.

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