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Homeowner Must: Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

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When you put your family heirlooms away in the top drawer of your nightstand along with your engagement and wedding rings, are you confident in their security? Yes, you have purchased a standard homeowners insurance policy, but is that enough? There are an underwhelming number of homeowners who actually obtain the necessary coverage of protection for their most prized possessions.

The standard homeowners insurance policy will only provide the contents within your home with a limited amount of coverage. Therefore, if you have any collectibles, fine art, firearms, fine jewels, family heirlooms, or anything else of particular value, you may need extra coverage in order to receive optimal protection. Scheduled personal property coverage can be one of the most useful preventative measures a homeowner can take.

This extra form of protection may require an appraisal, so that your personal belongings can be insured at the replacement cost.  This is a major perk of obtaining this vital safeguard, since standard homeowners insurance policies will replace your stolen or damaged goods at actual cost value, which includes the depreciation of the item. Another major perk of scheduled personal property insurance is that your belongings will be covered even if you accidentally misplace them.  Stolen, misplaced, and damaged items can be insured for their current value through this form of protection.

Peace of mind and confidence in the security of your most valuable possessions is attainable when you purchase scheduled personal property coverage. Rather than joining the many homeowners who wish they had this vital form of protection once it is already too late, add scheduled personal property coverage to your homeowners insurance policy today!

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