Homeowners: How Accessible Is Your Home?

Homeowners: How Accessible Is Your Home?

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How homeowners can increase home accessibility.  

Your life and your body will inevitably change as you get older. Does that mean you’ll be forced to move out of your home? Fortunately, the answer is no! If you make some changes to improve your home’s accessibility, you can continue to enjoy the comfort, security, and familiarity it offers.

Here are just a few things homeowners can do to improve their home accessibility.

  • Make Changes: With a few relatively simple changes, you can make it easy to enjoy your comfortable quality of life in your home even if you lose mobility. Add wheelchair accessible ramps up to your home, install hand rails along your walls, put grab bars in your bathrooms, and lower your sinks so they can be reached from wheelchair.
  • Improve Security: You want to stay in your home for the sense of security it offers. Make sure that isn’t just a feeling by taking steps to actually safeguard your home. Install a burglar alarm system and check or have someone else check that all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are still in good working order.
  • Get Help: Staying in your home becomes much easier if you have the help you need. Figure out if you have any friends or family members who can help you take on tasks that are becoming more difficult, and consider hiring an in-home caregiver to lend you consistent aid.

With the work you’re putting into making your home more accessible, it’s clear that you intend to stay in your home for the long term. Do you have the right homeowners insurance policy to protect your future in your house? To make sure your coverage reflects your plans to enjoy your golden years in your home, contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California today.