What Your Burglar Does Not Want You To Know

What Your Burglar Does Not Want You To Know

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The Things You Will Not Hear From Your Local Thief

When you think about a burglar, you think about a shadowy figure, probably clad in all black, sneaking into and out of your home. This person likely seems more like a mysterious entity than a human individual, but the fact of the matter is that thieves are people just like you and I. Consequently, they have some tried-and-true thieving tips they work off of when breaking in and looting your home. To boost your home safety, we want to alert you to some common thief thinking.

  • Thieves love to walk around neighborhoods when it is just starting to get dark. When homes have their lights on but have not yet drawn their blinds, it gives them a clear idea of what is in your home and its floor plan, tipping them off if you are a prime target.
  • You may want to put your vacation on Facebook, but wait until you have returned home. Tech savvy burglars are known to look online for notifications that people will be out of town, then use the information on your social media profile to find your home (hint: even pictures of it can help them pick it out if they know your neighborhood).
  • A thief will almost always check your sock drawer, so that is not a good hiding place for valuables. They tend to stay away from kids’ rooms, so if you need to safeguard something in a pinch, opt to stash it in your little one’s room.

If a thief does worm his or her way into your home, your homeowners insurance can fortunately step in to replace the belongings that were swiped. To get the right policy to protect all of your personal property, contact Hoffman Brown Company. Conveniently located in Sherman Oaks, California, we are here to help you fully safeguard all of your stuff.

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