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How Can I Reduce My Home Maintenance Cost?

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Every homeowner must face home maintenance issues at some point. Appliances weren’t designed to last forever, and materials used to build homes degrade over time. Here are essential tips to know for reducing home maintenance costs.

1. Learn your property layout

One of the most important keys to efficient home maintenance is to know the layout of your property and everything it encompasses. It’s particularly important to know where flood risks exist.

2. Test your HVAC system in the off-seasons

Don’t set yourself up in the winter or summer with an HVAC system that doesn’t work. Check before the new season arrives to ensure the heater works for cold weather and the air conditioner works for hot weather.

3. Audit your energy usage

Monitor your energy consumption for a month, then look at what it costs. Ask yourself if you really need that much energy and if you can find alternative ways to do things without consuming electricity.

4. Minimize lawn maintenance

Taking care of a lawn and making it look green takes plenty of water and time. Having too much grass to cut can run up bills, especially if you hire someone to mow your lawn. You can reduce your water and landscaping bills by planting drought-resistant plants. Other alternatives include using rocks and wood bark.

5. Share community tools

One way to cut landscaping expenses is for neighbors to share tools. Some people only need to use a mower, edger, shovel or rake occasionally. That’s why it helps to get to know people who live on your street and share tools amongst yourselves.

6. Keep your property clean

Don’t let junk pile up or ugly weeds get too tall on your property because it will lower your home’s curb appeal. Dust can damage and reduce the performance of appliances, so it’s helpful to clean them periodically. Cleaning air filters are important for protecting your health and the condition of the HVAC system.

7. Find a reasonable and skilled handyman

For certain home maintenance projects, you can get by with a handyman who understands how to follow a manual and is associated with other experts. They must be aware of warranties with certain specifications that must be followed to remain valid.

8. Establish a maintenance schedule

Setting a regular maintenance schedule will help prevent things from not getting done. For instance: you should have your roof inspected once per year.

9. Follow manufacturer instructions

Any type of maintenance work you do yourself should be in strict accordance with a manufacturer’s manual for the associated appliance.

It’s wise to stay updated on your home’s condition, which can keep repair costs from spiraling out of control. Additionally, you should get adequate homeowners insurance to cover your home and its belongings in the event of an accident or mishap. Contact us at Hoffman Brown Company for more information on home insurance in CA.

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