How to Best Protect Your Items in Storage

How to Best Protect Your Items in Storage

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Many of us have more things than we know what to do with and so we turn to the aid of rental storage facilities to store some of our things

If you need extra space for your belongings, you should consider renting a storage space for your items. But before you go and rent any old place, it is best to know how to protect your items in a rental storage facility. Here are a few tips:

Choose a Trusted Facility

Security is one of the most important variables that should influence where you store your belongings. Here are a few features your storage facility should have:

  • Gated facilities.
  • Keypad access or locks with short hooks that make them less susceptible to bolt cutters.
  • Back-up alarms in case of theft.
  • 24/7 security cameras or guards.

Pack Your Belongings Smartly

Packing your items is important in order to keep them in pristine condition while they remain in storage–and also to retrieve them easily. Here are a few packing tips to help you keep your things safe from damage:

  • Wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap.
  • Dismantle the furniture to save space (put the nuts and bolts in a zip-lock bag and tape it on the underside of the furniture).
  • Store your clothes in a wardrobe box as storage bins can sometimes trap moisture and grow mildew.
  • Label your boxes to avoid any future confusion on where certain items were placed.

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