How to Choose Your Life Insurance Beneficiary in 5 Easy Steps

How to Choose Your Life Insurance Beneficiary in 5 Easy Steps?

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When you buy life insurance, the financial security of your loved ones in your absence is your foremost priority. A significant aspect is the life insurance beneficiary, whose name you must include when buying the policy. Selecting the right person is important to ensure that the benefits of your policy reach the people who matter most to you.

This blog discusses the five steps you must follow when deciding whom to name as your life insurance beneficiary.

Select That Person Who Depends the Most on You Financially

The main selection criterion of your life insurance beneficiary must be the person or persons who need the most financial support. In most cases, the spouse or children of the policyholder may need the death benefit for their living expense requirements or specific needs such as the children’s college education.

You can name more than one life insurance beneficiary in the policy, which may be helpful in situations when the primary beneficiary passes away.

Draw a Plan Regarding the Distribution of the Death Benefit

Once you choose your life insurance beneficiary or beneficiaries, the next step is to decide how to distribute the death benefit among the beneficiaries. To distribute the amount, you may select any one of the following plans:

  • Per capita

    The death benefit is equally distributed among the beneficiaries. However, if a beneficiary dies before the insured, their family will not receive the benefit.

  • Per stirpes

    Stirpes means branches in Latin. In this plan, the death benefit is equally distributed among all the beneficiaries and their family members, regardless of whether they live or die.

Specify When and How Minor Beneficiaries Will Receive the Benefit

Suppose you want to name a minor as a beneficiary. In that case, you may be worried whether they will rightfully receive the benefit once they become adults, and also, as young adults, they may squander the wealth they receive on frivolous things. To prevent such a situation, you may:

  • Instruct an adult beneficiary in the family to ensure that the money is put to good use
  • Elect an adult custodian by filling up the form under the state’s Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA)
  • Name a family member or an attorney as the trustee of the money received as the death benefit

Inform Your Beneficiary

You must always inform your life insurance beneficiary about your decision and also the amount due to them. This helps them to know what to expect and plan accordingly.

Make Changes in Beneficiary Name if Required

You may update the life insurance beneficiary’s name if you need to do so. A significant life-altering event may force you to re-evaluate the decision of your choice of beneficiary. You can change if you feel someone deserves it more than the named beneficiary. Also, if the beneficiary passes away during your lifetime, a change in the beneficiary’s name is required.

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