How to Keep Your Children Safe at the Pool

How to Keep Your Children Safe at the Pool

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Pools, children, and summer go hand-in-hand like green and trees–but there are a few safety precautions you need to take to keep them safe.

Children love pools–it gives them the opportunity to burn some of that kid energy that seems to be limitless. But just because it’s good for them, doesn’t mean that it’s safe from risks. Pools present a number of safety concerns, especially for children who don’t have the experience they need to stay safe while they’re swimming. Here are a few pool safety tips that you should exercise when you bring your child(ren) to the pool.

Children Need Adult Supervision

Leaving your child with older kids is not a good idea.  Children need adult supervision.  Play in the pool with them or sit poolside and remain vigilant about their safety.

No Substitute for Safety Devices

Kids as well as adults can fall off pool floats.  Arm Flotation devices can get punctured and deflate or be underinflated causing them to be unsafe.  It is best to purchase a certified life jacket to give your child or an adult that does not know how to swim, the protection they need.

No Running

When lifeguards tell us not to run around the pool isn’t because they are being mean, they just don’t want us to slip and fall on the wet concrete.  The risk of serious injury is elevated around a pool.  The same rule should apply at your home pool.

Your homeowners insurance carrier needs to be advised if you have a pool at your home.  Contact your insurance agent to discuss coverages.   Your team at Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California is happy to help you.