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How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Using Smart Home Devices

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Protect Your Data When Using Smart Home Tech


We use our smartphones and tablets for everything from banking to sharing photos. Generally, we know how to keep them pretty secure. However, security may not be at the front of our mind when it comes to devices like smart thermostats and home security systems. After all, their purpose is to keep our properties safe, so aren’t they already safe? The reality is that hackers can work their way into these devices and learn a lot about you, your routine, and can even view your personal information. Before you install that new smart home device, take a look at how to keep your personal information private.


Operate them on a separate network. Most homeowners use the home’s main Wi-Fi network to run devices like phones and laptops – both of which hold a lot of personal information. Isolating your smart home devices on a separate network can prevent a hacker from accessing your main network as well as the personal information stored on your phone and computer.


Don’t underestimate the importance of passwords. It’s incredible that the humble, old-fashioned password system is the main line of defense protecting our most high-tech devices. Choose a strong password that consists of a upper-case and lower-case letters as well as special characters. Get into the habit of changing it with the seasons.


Turn off geolocation when not in use. Many smart devices have apps that use geolocation to track fitness or offer directions. If an application can see your location, a hacker could, too. In your device’s settings, turn off geolocation when you’re not using it.


Unplug devices that aren’t in use. When you’re not using a certain smart home device, unplug it. Not only will it save your energy bills, but it will also make the device inaccessible to hackers.


Take a moment to review the device’s privacy policy and terms of use. The team at Hoffman Brown Company are ready and waiting to help you find reliable and responsible insurance for your property. Contact us today to get started!