Learn How to Keep Your Valuable Items Safe and Secure in the Mail

Mailing a Diamond? Learn How to Keep Your Valuable Items Safe and Secure in the Mail

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Discover how the USPS can keep your valuable items safe in transit.

Protecting your valuable items is a must. The right insurance can help to keep your valuables safe. However, when mailing such precious items like diamonds, you’re unable to keep a watchful eye over your valuables. Instead, you must entrust your valuables to a third-party. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right method so that your valuables stay secure.

Insured Registered Mail

United States Postal Service (USPS) insured registered mail is a great option when it comes to mailing valuable items like diamonds. When shipping your diamond, your package is locked safely in a container until it reaches its destination. Additionally, your package is registered throughout its journey. When you choose to use the USPS, you’re afforded the opportunity to track your mail so that you can ensure that it arrives safely.

How to Package the Diamond

A jeweler should know how to properly prepare the gem for shipping and should have the necessary “secure” packing materials required by the USPS for insured registered mail.  If you pack it yourself, ask the USPS for the required packing.  It is best to use a box larger than the gem along with plenty of padding to best protect your jewelry.

Are you required to let your insurance carrier know about the movement of the gem?

Contact your insurance agent to ask if the gem is insured and if there is a requirement in the policy about notifying the carrier regarding the shipping of the item.

When mailing valuable items, ensure that they’re well-protected. Looking out for you as a team, Contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California, they will assist with a policy review and provide recommendations.