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How to Outsmart Pickpockets

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Don’t Be the Next Pickpocket Victim 

From the drive-by grab to the bump and lift, pickpockets have countless cunning techniques up their sleeves. Today’s thieves aren’t always easy to spot and often work in teams. Unfortunately for travelers, they’re found all over the world. One moment of not paying attention to your surroundings is all it takes for a thief to steal your purse, wallet or other personal goods. Travel safe, remain aware of your surroundings, and follow these tips to outsmart pickpockets wherever you may be.

Steer clear of large crowds

It’s easy for a thief to steal your wallet in the midst of a bustling commotion. If you see a crowd, walk on the opposite side of the street. Be on guard in train stations when you may be overburdened by luggage. Take turns to watch the bags with your travel partner, if possible. If you’re on a busy train or have to weave your way through a crowd, keep your bags and possessions close to you at all times.

Don’t be deceived

The sneakiest pickpockets look like friendly business people. Some post as tourists, others may use uniforms, hard-luck stories or children to deceive unknowing individuals. Keep your wits about you and avoid talking to people who approach you.

Leave it behind

Your valuables are most likely to be stolen when they are with you on the street. If your hotel room has a safe, store your valuable objects in there rather than carry them around, such as passport, laptop, and jewelry.

Secure your valuables

When carrying cash and cards, consider using a money belt, which you can strap on under your pants or shirt. Thieves are less likely to be able to steal what they can’t see. Not surprisingly, smartphones are one of the most frequently stolen items today. Keep your phone hidden away on your person as much as possible, and put a tracker on your device that can help you recover it if the worst does happen.

Be prepared for a worst-case scenario

If you do get pickpocketed, don’t blame yourself – It can happen to anyone. How you handle the situation afterward can protect your identity and rating. Make sure you have copies of all credit cards, passports, and important papers. Store these documents safely at home or with a friend. It’s wise to have digital copies, too. You will need to call your bank and cancel your cards as soon as you realize they are missing, too. In most cases, your creditors won’t hold you responsible for fraudulent charges.

Please take note of this information and let friends and family members know. At Hoffman Brown Company, we’re always on the lookout for ways to stay safe. Contact us if you have any concerns or questions.