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Important Safety Notice: Avoid Leaving Keys and Fobs in Your Vehicle

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Prevent neighborhood crimes by keeping your car locked and safe at all times.  

The Los Angeles Police Department recently published a statement to residents reminding them to never leave their keys or fobs in their vehicles. Detectives found that over 40 percent of stolen vehicles in West LA had fobs or keys within the vehicle. If the key or fob is left inside the car, it makes it even easier for criminals to steal the vehicle undetected.

Residents are reminded that criminals conduct ‘door checking’ in which they walk the streets, enter parking lots and garages, and tug on the door handles. If it opens, the criminal knows that the fobs are likely somewhere in the vehicle. All they need to do is push the start button and they’re off with the vehicle.

Tandem parking is also a concerning issue. This is where tenants of complexes leave their keys in the car or ‘hidden’ on the tires so that roommates or family members can readjust shared or tight parking spaces. Unfortunately, criminals know of these tricks all too well. In fact, criminals know and take advantage of people who leave their keys on their tires when parked at the beach or park at a trailhead.

Please share this information with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors so that we can reduce vehicle theft and increase community safety.

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