Investigative Tools for Insurance Investigators to Utilize

Investigative Tools for Insurance Investigators to Utilize

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As the prevalence of scams and fraud continues to grow, it becomes increasingly more important that we find ways in which we can secure our personal information. One very common form of fraud is insurance fraud. To combat this growing issue, insurance companies have started employing fraud investigators. In order to investigate a potentially fraudulent insurance claim, you must gather all pertinent information to build your case.

Many fail to realize the importance of utilizing investigative tools other than Google in their quest for relevant information. When utilizing these investigative tools, we suggest that you either take screenshots of the page with the print screen function on your computer, create PDFs, or print all pertaining information that is building evidence for your case. Here are a few websites you can utilize:

  • – This website is comprised of information that will benefit special investigations. All information found on this search engine is free for users.
  • – While similar to the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Mamma is unique in that it helps you track your searches by creating tabs for each new search, opening multiple windows in an organized fashion.
  • – Unlike most other search engines, Millionshort will remove the most popular searches so that you can conduct a deeper search.
  • – Have you ever received a phone call and had no idea who is calling? This investigative tool allows you to search the owner of a phone number without having to call the number.

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