Is My Electrical Panel Safe

Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

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In the heart of the home is an electrical system. Ensure this is safe.

Throughout your home, various cords, cables, and wires carry electricity to keep your home fully functioning. It’s not until the power goes out that we realize how much we count on lights, fridges, computers and more. Without a properly functioning electrical panel, nothing electrical in a home would work.

Determine if the electrical panel in your home is safe today.

Out-dated panel boxes could be dangerous.We rely on electricity more and more with each new generation. Unfortunately, this leads to older homes being unable to cope with the demand of modern day electrical needs. Fuse boxes and split-bus panels create unique challenges, but should always be inspected by a professional. If you’re running your high-tech devices on an ancient system, it’s time to make the switch and update your electrical panel today.


Talk to your local electrician to determine if your electricity panel is safe. While you update this device, give your local insurance agent at Hoffman Brown Company a call to review your homeowners insurance. Working to protect your home, belongings, and finances, coverage is critical for your home in Sherman Oaks, California. Visit us today to get started.