Is Your Family Prepared For An Earthquake?

Is Your Family Prepared For An Earthquake?

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How To Survive An Earthquake

Considering California is a state that has a high exposure to seismic activity, it is shocking how few Californians have a plan in place should an earthquake hit. Studies show that people who have prepared an earthquake plan not only feel more secure during a quake, they are also less likely to have their home damaged or be personally injured. You and your family can be ready to face an earthquake; you only need to complete a bit of advanced planning.

Before An Earthquake

Create a plan for your family to reunite at a pre-set location. Designate an out-of-state family member or friend to call after an earthquake so you can report your safety and he or she can spread the word to your loved ones. Run earthquake drills at your home so your loved ones can know the safe places to seek refuge (e.g. against inside walls, under sturdy furniture) and which spots to avoid (e.g. windows, hanging art and plants, mirrors, tall furniture). Also, make sure you know how to shut off water, gas and electricity in case one of the lines should be damaged during the quake.

During An Earthquake

If you are away from home but in a building, seek refuge similar to what you would find in your home. If you are driving, pull over, avoiding power lines and overpasses. Stay inside your car until the earthquake passes. If you are in a store, do not rush to the exit. Instead, find a place to shelter yourself away from shelves and displays that could topple.

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