Keyless Ignition Systems: What You Should Know

Keyless Ignition Systems: What You Should Know

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A keyless system means there’s a computer controlling the functions of your car; a computer that has the potential of being hacked.

A keyless ignition system, also known as a smart key, is a method of electronic access and authorization to a car’s entry and ignition systems.  A company named Siemens were the pioneers of the smart key when they developed it in 1995, and was first installed in the formerly known Daimler-Benz W220 S-Class. Even though keyless ignition systems have been around for 20 years, there are still some concerns about safety and security. If this is something that concerns you, please speak to your dealer regarding concerns about safety and security. While this technology seems to be the way of the future, there are some things that you should know regarding keyless ignition systems.

  1. Different kinds of keyless ignition systems

Push buttons are definitely the most common across many different models and manufacturers. But there are also rocker-switches that must be flipped, and rotary switches that must be turned—similar to traditional ignition systems that is turned with a key.

  1. Dangers that are associated with smart keys

The safety concerns are:

  • Drivers who put their car in park, but leave the car running risk facing carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in a closed environment, like a garage.
  • Drivers may shut-off their car without putting it in Park, and walk away. This may cause the vehicle to roll and hit another vehicle or person.
  • Drivers that are new to the concept of keyless cars may not know how to shut off their cars in the case of a road-side emergency.
  1. What is a keyless ignition system?

A keyless ignition system has a device that emits harmless radio waves inside the “key” which is read by a circuit board in your car. When you’re inside your car, the computer knows the exact distance you need to be to start your car without the use of sticking a key in and turning it. It also prevents thieves from stealing your car as you need to be a certain distance to even open your car doors.

There are incidents which are sometimes out of our hands, and the best we can do is be prepared and informed.   For all of your auto insurance needs to keep you protected on U.S. roads contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California.