Marijuana & Insurance: What Employers Need To Know

Marijuana & Insurance: What Employers Need To Know

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How marijuana could be changing your business’ insurance needs.

Gone are the days where marijuana was something that took up the focus of only a minority of the population in the United States. Today, the increased legality of this substance across our country has brought it into the spotlight for essentially all Americans. Employers, in particular, need to be staying on top of the changes.

As an employer, you need to know what types of marijuana use are legal for your employees and decide how you will adjust your workplace and insurance policies. For example, since marijuana is legal for medical use in the state of California, you need to determine if you will continue to regard marijuana as a substance you will not allow your employees to use, or if you will adjust your substance-free workplace policies to reflect the changing legislature.

Your specific industry will also affect how you should treat marijuana usage. For example, so far employers have been able to test employees for marijuana usage even when it is legal if the employee’s position is safety sensitive.

Ultimately, a lot is changing with marijuana’s legality and the dust has far from settled on this issue. It’s in an employers’ best interests to treat this subject matter carefully and stay in touch with their insurance agents about how to mitigate the risks that come with the steady flow of legal changes concerning marijuana.

It’s one thing to stay up on the changes regarding marijuana, and another entirely to stay up on how they’re changing your insurance needs. To get a dedicated staff who is keeping informed on the changing California legislation and how it should be affecting your business’ coverage, contact Hoffman Brown Company. We serve Sherman Oaks and the nearby cities and are committed to keeping our commercial insurance clients ahead of and protected against the coming changes.