Nutrition Month

March Marks National Nutrition Month

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A Few Tips To Help You Nourish Your Body This Month

March does not just mark a fresh start for the seasons as we say goodbye to winter (or as close to winter as we see in Southern California). It can also signify a new chance for your body, as it is National Nutrition Month. Take this opportunity to turn your attention to the fuel you are putting into your body in the coming weeks. To help you get the most out of your meals this month, consider these tips.

  • Make It Easy: If you have to drive all the way to the store for vegetables but a bag of chips is sitting right next to you, you will reach for the chips. Imagine the situation in reverse, though. In the same way we often turn to unhealthy food because it is convenient, you can guide yourself towards better eating habits by making it simple for yourself to eat right. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables out on the counter, in plain sight, so you will grab an apple when you feel a pang of hunger. Also, consider doing the chopping and other preparing for your healthy meals over the weekend so a busy day at work will not deter you from putting together a nutritious dinner.
  • Be Reasonable: If you say you will never eat another unhealthy bite, you are setting yourself up for failure. Allow yourself a little leeway; aim to eat right 90 percent of the time, leaving 10 percent of wiggle room. The key is to use moderation during those 10 percent meals.
  • Maximize Meal Time: If you sit in front of the TV when you eat, the odds of you mindlessly filling up are high. Spend time plating your food, eat with people, and take the time to savor each bite.

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