October is National Cyber Security Month!

October is National Cyber Security Month!

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October is National Cyber Security Month! This means it’s also time to make sure that you have the right measures in place to protect your business from any cyber hacks or problems. Keep these tips in mind to ensure online security!

  • Update the system. Whenever there is an update for the system you’re using, make sure to renew it as soon as possible. Set all your computers to automatically update so you don’t miss any important ones!
  • Back it all up. Store all of your important information in a separate hard drive in case your data is compromised by a cyber-breach or cyber-attack.
  • Install malware and spyware. Every computer at your company should have the right amount of spyware and malware installed.
  • Limit physical access to computers. Make sure there is limited access to the computers and any other systems at your business.
  • Hide your Wi-Fi. Don’t allow public access to your Wi-Fi connection. If you want to offer Wi-Fi to clients when they visit, make sure it’s on a different server that does not contain any private business information.
  • Password protect everything. All computers should require login passwords that are regularly changed, to know your information is secure.

Most importantly, make sure that you have the right cyber-liability policy in place to provide protection for any cyber-attack or cyber breach. Typical cyber-liability policies will provide business interruption insurance, as well as the cost to hire a public relations team to help repair your reputation after an attack.

For all of your cyber liability insurance needs, contact Hoffman Brown Company in Sherman Oaks, California. We’ll work with your company to ensure you have the right amount of coverage for any peril!