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4 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be Cyber Resilient in a COVID-19 World

According to the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ), cyber resilience involves building a system that can endure malicious attacks and continue working in unexpected circumstances. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in the U.S. have adopted teleworking. While teleworking helps to prevent the spread of Read More

HBC Honors January Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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Preventing Slips and Falls: Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

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Slips are one of the most common causes of serious accidents in the workplace. Not only can they cost a business a substantial amount of money to pay for injuries and associated medical expenses, but they can negatively impact a business’s reputation. From mopping to debris left in walkways, there are a number of incidents that could cause a Read More

How Water Damage is the Top Cause of Loss

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Do you know what’s one of the most common types of homeowners insurance claims? It’s water damage. Perhaps that’s not surprising when you consider that pipe bursts and broken appliances happen to just about every homeowner at some point. What’s more, these events are costly – more so than people may realize. According to Chubb Personal Risk Read More

Red Flag Days in Effect Until Further Notice in L.A. County

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A Red Flag Day is when weather conditions indicate the potential for a fast-moving brush fire is extremely high. The conditions are defined as wind speeds 25 mph or more and humidity 15% or less. Keep up to date by signing up for Red Flag warnings at this link. View Local Hillside Fire Cameras at this link Please take a moment to run Read More

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HBC Honors December Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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How to Use Public Wi-Fi Safely in 2020

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With airports, hotels, restaurants, theaters, coffee shops, and doctors offices now offering free Wi-Fi access to visitors, using your tech to stay connected while on the go is easier than ever. While it is convenient, there is one thing you need to keep in mind while using these open networks: security. Public Wi-Fi networks don’t always have high Read More

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Watch Out For Fake Coronavirus Contact Tracing Calls

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Although it’s hard to believe, there are many criminals taking advantage of the coronavirus. Federal and local officials are warning people to be on high alert and watch out for scams during the pandemic, including suspicious phone calls from some scammers posing as contact tracers. Many individuals have already received phone calls from criminals, Read More

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Homeowners Insurance: What It Is and What It Covers

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Your home is more than just a roof over your head. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a homeowner looking to learn more about protecting your property, you need to understand the basics of homeowners insurance in Los Angeles, CA. To help you understand the ins and outs of homeowners insurance coverage, read on.   What is homeowners Read More

Updated Workplace Protocols Regarding COVID-19 Signage Regulations

  Please click on the links below for more information. CA COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave for non-food sector employees: Reopening safer at work and in the community revised order: Read More

COVID-19 Update:

The Coronavirus, officially COVID-19, has become a global health emergency. One of the measures Hoffman Brown Company has taken to keep our CLIENTS and Teammates safe was to design a complete virtual work environment. For the foreseeable future, our colleagues will be conducting business virtually to avoid any disruption in our ability to serve you. These measures are based on the CDC’s guidance and will evolve with the situation. Please know that we are fully functional, available and look forward to being of service.