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Risk Solutions Series: Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Natural Disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Pets Those of us who have four-legged furry friends roaming the house consider these animals part of the family. Your cat and dog are family members, too. If a hurricane, wildfire or another natural disaster strike, everyone in the family is affected, including the pets. To be prepared for the worst, it’s important to Read More

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How to Determine If Your Aging Loved One Should Stop Driving

Warning signs your senior should give up driving. Driving is a sensitive subject for seniors. Driving is a key aspect of maintaining our independence as we age. But it’s entirely normal for our abilities to dwindle as we get older. Whether you have an elderly loved one or aging parent, it’s natural to see signs that they should give up the keys to Read More


HBC Honors May Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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How Long Will a Ticket Stay on My Driving Record?

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Understand how long points stay on your license in California.   Sometimes, drivers take chances without knowing the consequences of their actions. While traveling on the roadways, violations can occur without notice. Even one simple mistake can impact your driving record for many years to come. Our driving history controls our ability to obtain Read More

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Things Most Cops Would Never Do

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Thank you to Holmby News for the article. To get people thinking defensively, or to learn or adjust to big city life, I thought it would be interesting to share a few things that most cops would never do… Speaking for myself (and knowing what I know from 26 years of police work), I would never, ever do the following: I would NEVER leave my Read More

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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Home Insurance

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Find the right homeowners insurance policy for your needs by asking the right questions.  Being an informed consumer not only means reading through your homeowners insurance policy closely but also asking experts that constitutes the right type, amount, and coverage that you need for your home. Your home is likely your largest and most valuable Read More

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HBC Honors April Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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3 Reasons You Need Your Own Ocean Cargo Insurance

3 Reasons You Need Your Own Ocean Cargo Insurance

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Good reasons why you should consider your own ocean cargo policy. Businesses make money by selling products. If your business imports or exports its products, you’re investing in your company every time you ship cargo. It’s surprising how many businesses don’t protect that investment with cargo insurance. Even if your supplier or freight Read More

Sexual Harassment

New Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training Effective 1-1-19 under SB 1343

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The new law is simple: California employers (those with five or more employees) must provide harassment prevention training to all employees. Prior to this new law, California employers had to train just their managers—typically about 25% of the workforce. Under the new law, they need to increase their effort and focus to 100% of the Read More

How You Can Uncover Repeat Workers’ Compensation Claim Offenders

How You Can Uncover Repeat Workers’ Compensation Claim Offenders

Ways to discover repeat workers’ comp claim offenders.  Most employees that are injured at work are honest and want to recover quickly to return to their jobs. As a business owner who hires people they trust and respect, it’s only natural to assume the best in your employees. There are workers, however, who are repeat workers’ compensation claim Read More