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As part of our HBC Serves philosophy, several Hoffman Brown teammates volunteered at Guide Dogs Of America (GDA) in Sylmar, CA in June. We helped this wonderful organization with their annual physical inventory of store merchandise.  GDA does not receive any government funding.  They are funded entirely by donations and grants, so volunteers are Read More

an airport

Avoid Using an Airport USB Charging Station Without This Device

Travel Tech to Keep Your Valuables Safe Summer is travel season! Whether you’re heading to a different state to explore a new city or going on a foreign adventure abroad, it’s likely that you’ll take a plane to get there. While many travelers protect their belongings from theft at the airport, what about cyber theft? In this ever-growing digital Read More

a house on fire

Grease Fires – What to Do When They Happen and How to Prevent Them

How to Handle a Grease Fire in the Home You’ve started to warm up the olive oil to sauté some delicious vegetables when you suddenly get distracted by your phone, kids or a knock at the door. The oil in the pan heats up, starts to smoke, and before you know it, it catches on fire. What you do to put out the grease fire can either work for you or Read More

an airbag

Need to Know: Malfunctioning Airbag Investigations

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Does Your Car Have Airbags That Won’t Inflate? No matter how safe you can drive, accidents happen. When they do happen, you want to have peace of mind that airbags will inflate before a collision impact. Currently, investigators have found that air bags may not inflate in vehicles made by Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Fiat Chrysler Read More

HBC Honors July Anniversaries Of Teammates!

HBC Honors July Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet man pulling money out of a wallet

What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet

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Steps to Take If You Can’t Find Your Wallet We’ve all been there. We’ve patted our pockets, looked in our bags, and searched where we last put our keys – only to realize that we’ve lost our wallet. Naturally, when you can’t find your wallet, you panic. Whether you’ve misplaced it or think it’s been stolen, it’s important to keep calm so that you Read More

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How to Safely Fire Proof Your Home

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Simple Tips to Prevent Fire Damage Protecting the investment that you’ve made in your home and protecting the health and safety of your family are likely to be two of your largest priorities. While accidents and disasters can strike at any time, putting a bit of effort into fireproofing your home can prevent the worst from occurring. Take a look Read More

Is Your Home Covered Against Wildfire Damage?a wildfire in the forest

Is Your Home Covered Against Wildfire Damage?

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Understand what is covered by fire insurance.  Wildfires are something that many of us are familiar with but would rather not think about. Wildfires in the past have known to cause extreme damage and devastation within a matter of minutes. Not only are wildfires extremely hard to contain and put out, but they continue to rage on year after year. Read More

Intellectual Property Insurance: Everything You Need to Know a lightbulb shining brightly to represent a good idea

Intellectual Property Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Vital Protection for Your Most Important Asset As a business owner, you wouldn’t hesitate to insure your office contents and other assets. In addition, it makes good commercial sense to insure your intellectual property against infringement. Without insurance, the cost of intellectual property litigation can be astronomical and continues to Read More

Happy Anniversary

HBC Honors June Anniversaries Of Teammates!

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