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Looking for a hands-free app that has your back? Read on!

At Hoffman Brown Company, we are regularly looking for creative ways on how to advise our customers to stay safe. From useful safety tips to quality insurance, we are looking out for you. Recently, we discovered a new app that helps individuals take care of each other: SafeON. We are pleased to share information regarding this hands-free safety application.

SafeON is designed to provide real-time assistance to you and those important to you. For your own safety, security, and peace of mind, this app helps you know your loved ones are safe. We’re all vulnerable to random acts of violence, adverse circumstances, health incidents, and more. What’s more is that these events can happen at any time, anywhere – on the street, in school, in a parking garage, at work, in our homes!

SafeON is a mobile app that is 100 percent hands-free. It uses voice activation so that users can reach out in real-time with notifications by text messages to the contacts they added to their own SafeON network. Users don’t need to touch any devices, don’t have any phones to dial, and there is not even a need to yell. Finally, connecting with each other in an emergency has never been so simple.

The emergency alerts are triggered by voice commands and are delivered in seconds to the users’ contacts. The recipients will get the emergency alert with the senders’ names, emergency, and exact location. From here, more help can be acquired. As insurers and individuals, we are excited at the prospect of hands-free apps that provide critical care and assistance in a time of emergency. We look forward to seeing more developments like this.

SafeON is a free app to download from the app store.

Disclaimer – Please note that while Hoffman Brown Company is supportive of this product, we are not endorsing it. Please use this product at your own discretion.

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